Friday, March 7, 2008

Feb 11 2008

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68
PO Box 120707
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-8941

Sorry for not being a good writer.

US Congressmen Jerry Lewis
@ Judy Miller Phone: (909)-792-5901
1150 Brookside Ave. Suite J-5
Redlands, CA 92373

Dear Congressmen Lewis:
Those receiving this letter are the same 25 people who received my Feb. 1, 2008 letter.

Using my common sense, VA medical report, and a recorded message left on my phone, I will show that Loma Linda VA medical Director Mr. Stordahl, in his 12, 18, 2007 letter to you Congressman Lewis, is trying to dupe you into thinking it was right to kick me out of the VA’s “Problems Group”.

I will say again the purpose of my letters are to show the details as to how and why the VA deliberately misrepresents details to politicians in order to cut the cost of suicide therapy. Suicidal and or PTSD Veterans need professional psychiatrists not former drug users over seeing a group of 30 mentally ill veterans. Using my personal experience I will attempt to put in writing as to how and why I was irregularly discharged out of counseling (Problems Group) because the counselor (Mr. Smith) was poorly trained and the Director of the VA hospital (Mr. Stordahl) is trying to justify for Smith’s discharge decision.

I will show the VA hospital therapist Mr. Smith is the only one responsible for making the decision to discharge me from his group. I will show Smith’s reason to discharge me was petty. I will use Mr. Smith’s own VA medical report, and a message left on my phone by the VA’s Ms. Caron Bayor, LCSW. The 4th paragraph of Director Stordahl’s letter is Ms. Caron Bayor, LCSW and her title in such a way as to make you Congressman Lewis, think Ms. Bayor and other staff members new the facts of my irregular discharge. You are lead to falsely that the staff could have prevented Mueller’s discharge.
VA Directors Stordahl’s letter in the 4th paragraph says:

“Discharges, both regular and irregular are discussed in detail at the daily treatment rounds. Our records show that Ms. Caron Bayor, LCSW was present on the day that his discharge was presented at the treatment rounds.”

Point being, when I was discharged by Smith I was told to leave the hospital treatment program for 7 days NOW. Thus also leave my VARP Inc. R4 housing despite the fact that I had paid the rent. There was no concern by Smith if I had any money or a place to live. This lack of concern when given such a discharge shows the sickness of the staff and its inability to deal with power. STOP THIS INHUMANE TREATMENT OF VETERANS.

Here is Ms. Bayor’s message left on my phone:
“Hi this message is for Carl. This is Caron Bayor Social worker calling from the VA Hospital Loma Linda. I got your message regarding the letter. And acutely the reason why I was vague in the letter was because I was not the one who gave you the irregular discharge from the program and you would need to contact the vacillator of Problems Group Jerry Smith. Aa to see if you could get him to clarify that for you. I wasn’t, I wasn’t present so I don’t know the exact reason why he would, youed be discharge from his group. Aaam, but his extension, aa the phone number you can use is 310, 909 825- 7084 and his extension is 52337 and he acutely will not be back in the office until Monday. So Monday October 29 and if you want to give him a call and talk to him about that. O.K.? And I hope everything is going well for you. I’ll talk to you latter. By by.”

Under the penalty of perjury the above voluntarily left phone statements are true.

I had gone over the recording many times and the typing is correct. There was a short hem and haw when Caron says. I wasn’t, I wasn’t present so I don’t know the exact reason why he would, youed be discharged from his group.

The point I’m trying to make is simple. Caron was not given the SO CALLED details of my irregular discharge, (See Paragraph 4 of Stordahl 12, 18, 2007 letter).

To me it looks like Stordahl is covering for the mistakes of Smith because Smith’s own medical report shows no details, (See Smith’s medical report page 8.). The medical report supports Caron’s phone statement that she didn’t have details of the discharge. At least no details supporting an irregular discharge to a suicidal Veteran in a group design to solve problems. I feel Smith, giving me an irregular discharge is mean and shows Smith’s lack of professionalism and or proper training. I doubt Smith, like most of the so-called group therapists at our Nations VA hospitals have not graduated from a University. I think their 2 primary qualifications are being former drug users and they work cheap. That’s like saying Judges should all be former convicted felons because they will have more empathy? One other important point is the FACT that these VA Addiction Treatment Programs have less then a 2% successes rate.

At the end of this I have enclosed my October 27, 2007 letter. The last part of that letter (See Note 1: Opportunity) shows one of the reasons as to why I think Smith didn’t like me. I hope by now your starting to see why partly educated counselors should NOT be dealing with the lives of mentally ill Veterans.

It was Smith’s Decision to discharge me and the VA staff concurrence of the discharge was after the discharge was done and staff had very little details:
VA Director Stordahl Dec.18, 2007 letter 2nd paragraph 2nd sentence reads:
“This decision to discharge was made by a group of Mr. Mueller’s peers, with concurrence from the entire Addiction Treatment Team.”

I claim the decision to discharge me was made by the group leader Mr. Smith, not a group of my peers as VA Director Stordahl claims. I claim Congressman Lewis and the Addiction Treatment Team would have to be duped, pressured or bullied to think a group of addicts’ decision could over rule Smith’s decision. Thus Smith had the final decision to discharge me. Smith is responsible for his discharge decision. Stordahl’s letter lessening Smith’s responsibilities is an action of incompetence and now Stordahl appears to be obstructing justice?

VERY IMPORTANT Lies are the last two sentences in paragraph 2 of Stordahl’s letter.
I claim Mr. Smith did NOT tell me that I could attend [Richards’s] “Willingness Group” for seven days after which I would be welcome to come back into the program. Therefore I didn’t make any comment saying I wasn’t interested in attending “Willingness Group”. If Smith said the above statements as Director Stordahl claims in paragraph 2, then why where these statements NOT in Smiths medical report regarding my discharge?
Under the penalty of perjury MY accusing Director Stordahl of lying is true.

After getting kicked out of Smiths group I felt so sad that I was afraid of going back to Big Bear because I might kill myself. After sitting at the bus stop for about 10 minutes I thought it would be best and try to admit myself once again back into the safe environment of Dr. Nieuwenhuysen’s VA lockdown psychiatric unit (2NE). After about the third day the staff suggested I attend the “Willingness Group”. I told my story to Richard the Willingness Group leader. Richard put his thumbs on his head and wiggled his streached out fingers and said, “I detect Bull Shit”. I refused to attend anymore Willingness Group secessions. Two days later I was happy to get the hell out of the VA hospital. I’m now attending Operation Breakthrough here in Big Bear.

Stordahl’s false implication of details & proof is on my phone message machine:
I also dispute Director Stordahl’s 4th paragraph claim to you Congressman Lewis that details of my discharge where discussed. Director Stordahl’s suggestion that Ms. Caron Bayor, LCSW would support such a claim of discussing the details is false and I think Director Stordahl’s is unprofessionally intimidating Ms. Bayor. Ms. Bayor is my personal counselor. I think I remember Ms. Bayor telling me a story in Aug. 2007 how she forgave a fellow worker for bully her. It looks like Director Stordahl or Smith might be that bulling person.

Reason to discharge me was petty:
According to Smith’s VA Medical Record this was an open discussion group and the goal is to work through the issues. Not kick out the patient just because you don’t like the patient or his suicidal message.

Congressmen Lewis, you don’t know this but it is an unwritten rule that everybody had to admit to being a liar, cheat and a theft in order to get into these different VA groups. So to accuse someone in the group of being a theft is not bad behavior as Stordahl claims in paragraph 2, 3rd sentence. Two of the persons I accused where just out of jail. I used polite language. These are not the kind of people a 62-year-old disabled man would push to the breaking point. They’re all in different stages of addiction withdrawals so I obviously used polite language. Showing insulting behavior to these Veteran jailbird addicts would look like an attempt towards assisted suicide. (That last sentence was an attempt at a suicide joke:)

Also I didn’t call the person a beggar I referred to him as unnecessarily begging. I blamed him of begging for the purpose to intimate me. He lived in a VARP Inc. R4 apartment next store with 5 other veterans. For Mr. Smith or members of the VA’s Addiction Treatment Program to have you Congressman Lewis, believe this veteran had no food in his apartment is shameful.

It appears that VA Director Stordahl and Mr. Smith are not willing and or able to work through the issues of providing individual professional psychiatric counseling for each Veteran. It appears that because of the lack of VA money the VA takes the easy way out and forces all Veterans to take the same fast moving assembly line of group counseling by former addicts. Counseling by former addicts who like Smith are having trouble dealing with a position of power?


Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

PS The last part of the below letter shows why Smith might not like me.

October 27, 2007

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68
PO Box 120707
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-8941

Loma Linda VA Hospital, 2nd Floor, 2NE
Mr. Jerry Smith
11201 Benton Street
Loma Linda, CA 92357

Dear Mr. Jerry Smith:
Please send me the written report stating the details as to why I was irregularly discharged, on or about the 2nd week of Sept. 2007, from your “Problems Group”.

Also put in writing why my Social Worker Ms. Caron Bayor, LCSW did NOT receive detailed information as to why I was irregularly discharged from Problems Group.

Also put in writing if you gave a written report to Doctor Nicolaas-John-Van Nieuwenhuysen about the irregular discharge and also state in writing if Doctor Nieuwenhuysen requested such a report?

These are NOT rhetorical questions? These are NOT questions that are for a pending court case. I am however currently looking into 42 U.S.C. 290ee-3, 290ff-3 Federal laws and 42CFR Part 2 Federal regulations and the VA’s compliance with these Federal laws and regulations.

I want this letter to act as my FORMAL REQUEST to the other government agencies and representatives whom I’m sending this letter to. I request that they also make enquiries about the Loma Linda VA Hospital’s compliance regarding the above Federal laws and regulations. Also the VA hospitals record keeping obligations regarding housing rules with VARP Inc. How those rules or lack of rules with VARP have an affect on veterans in the hospital counseling group? In my case “Problems Group” run by Jerry Smith. I feel my irregular discharge was because of my violation(s) of VARP’s unwritten rules. These unwritten violations where then enforced by Jerry Smith who used unwritten “Problem Group rules” as an opportunity (see note1) to give me a discharge which according to unwritten rules removes me from VARP Inc. housing and the hospital.

Your fast response is requested. If you don’t want to respond please be professional enough to also make that statement in writing.

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

Note 1: Opportunity
I feel Jerry Smith didn’t like me because I made him look foolish in his “Significant Other” group. I would always cry in these groups and Jerry would always call on me to make a statement as to why I was crying. I was felling like Jerry was using me to grandstand for him. So the third time this happened in the group I said while crying, “I’m not qualified to give advice because I have been divorced 3 times.” Jerry insisted I give my opinion. So this time rather to go on and talk about how terrible it was for me to get a divorce and never have seen my son grow up, I told the wife’s of the veterans that they should divorce their husbands because they hurt them too much in the past and if the husbands can prove they had beaten the addiction then, if they really love each other, they can get married again. Jerry took exception to this because in my opinion it made Jerry look stupid. Stupid because Jerry always liked to have a big crescendo climax type finish where the wives are crying for their husbands efforts and the husbands are crying because their addicts and hurt their wives. Now this time the wives are looking at their husbands like ya, you do deserve a divorce. Remember, all these wife’s are going to Al-Anon and that’s a no BS program unlike Jerry’s 3rd attempt at using me in his grandstanding climaxing performance.

US Dept. of Health & Human SVCS 415 – 556-8730
50 United Nations Plaza, Rm #322
San Francisco, CA 94102

Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Program 916 – 322-2911
Licensing & Certification
1700 “K” Street
Sacramento, CA 95814-4037

Office of Alcohol & Drug Admin. 909 – 421-9452
850 E. Foothill Blvd, Suite E
Rialto, CA 92367

US Congressman Jerry Lewis 909 – 792-5901
1150 Brookside Ave., Suite J-5
Redlands, CA 92373

Sen. Barbara Boxer 909 – 888-8525
201 N. E Street, Suite 210
San Bernardino 92401

VARP Inc. 909 – 381-3774
Mr. Bobby Cope Supervisor
1100 N. “D” Street
San Bernardino, CA 92410